jueves, agosto 10, 2006

Nosotros, los autistas

Del último Economist:

"Dr Baron-Cohen .... studies autism and Asperger's syndrome, conditions that are far more common in boys than girls. His theory is that, from birth, female brains are hardwired for understanding emotions (empathising) and male brains for understanding and building systems (systemising). ...... The notion is that autistic children—and autistic adults—have extremely male brains. In other words, they are especially good at systemising and especially bad at empathising"

Eso es darle letra a las minas viejo!

Y para peor después nos cagan a pedos por autistas...:

"Leda Nath, of the University of Wisconsin, found no difference between the sexes in the reported frequency of incidents of feeling angry over a period of time. However, women tended to report anger that was more intense and prolonged."

Pero por suerte:

" Another proposal to explain the lack of women professors of maths and science is that even if there is little or no difference in average ability, there might be differences in the variation around this average, with more men found in the tails of the distribution curve and fewer in the middle. In other words, among males there are more idiots and more prodigies"

Me voy a mirar mi ombligo, mientras pienso si soy un genio o un pelotudo y vuelvo

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